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We are always looking for new licenses. Is there a movie, TV, music, or pop culture license we don’t have that you wish we did? Submit your suggestion here.

We have literally hundreds of designs, and thousands of design ideas, but every now and then we hear from someone who has a concept we’ve never thought of before. If it will sell shirts, we want it, and if it won’t, we don’t. 

If we do use it, we’ll send you $250.  Not bad for an idea that came to you while you were enjoying the guilty pleasure of watching Full House and gorging yourself on Funyuns® by the pawful!

That’s the easy version. But, of course, someone asked the lawyers for their take, and here’s how that plays out. If you have a concept you’d like us to consider, fill out this fun form below!




Terms and Conditions

Any idea, concept, artwork, and/or design (hereinafter "Design") submitted to Ripple Junction automatically become the property of Ripple Junction and will not be returned. If Ripple Junction wishes to use a Design for commercial purposes, Ripple Junction will compensate the individual who submitted the Design, provided that the Design or a substantially similar Design is not already in Ripple Junction's possession or being worked on by Ripple Junction. Ripple Junction has no obligation to use any Designs for commercial purposes, and has the sole discretion to determine if any Design is new, is substantially similar, or is being already considered or worked on by Ripple Junction. Prior to receiving any payment from Ripple Junction for a Design, and as a condition to such payment, the party who has submitted the Design must sign an Assignment of All Rights Reserved and Warranty for the Design. Any questions concerning any of this information should be directed here.

Geez, lawyers are such downers, aren’t they?