Naruto - Shippuden Cloud With Stripes Socks

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Naruto - Shippuden Cloud With Stripes Socks

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Add a little world domination to your day with a pair of these socks.



You'd think that the most important thing about being in the Akatsuki is the sweet ninja skills that you have, but that's not true. It's the wardrobe. I know, we were pretty shocked too. All the members (even both Zetsus!) go to great lengths to make sure they've cordinated their outfits. Even the socks - especially the socks. You don't want to be the only member who doesn't have the right outfit on. Gretchen Wieners anybody? That's why we've made your search easy with these officially licensed and Akatsuki approved Naruto socks.

  • Officially Licensed Naruto - Shippuden Socks
  • 65% Acrylic 20% Spandex 15% Nylon
  • Machine Washable