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The Goonies is an American classic adventure comedy that everyone knows and loves. Released in 1985, this movie follows a group of kids who live in the "goon docks" trying to save their homes from foreclosure. In the process, they discover a treasure map that starts them on the most incredible adventure of a lifetime. Whether you're looking for a Goonies t-shirt with the classic logo on it, a seasonal Goonies hoodie, or merch with the "Truffle Shuffle" front and center, Ripple Junction has you covered. We have a huge selection of Goonies t-shirts and merch for you to choose from!

The Goonies

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Here at Ripple Junction, we get fandom obsessions and clothes. How about bringing them together? Yeah, we get that too. In fact, it’s kind of our whole deal. We love nothing more than geeking out over fun novelty apparel and spreading positivity while doing it. Two dudes in a van started our scene, and we have kept it going with the same fandom vibes only from, you know, a building. No matter where our clothes are made, they are all designed with the same care and attention to detail. ... We are all about spreading positivity and togetherness. Fandoms unite people in a unique and entertaining way that we live for, and we plan to keep that vision alive. No matter what fandoms you are interested in or already a part of, we have you covered, literally. Our graphic apparel is designed for women, men, and kids. As part of our mission to spread positivity, we have a wide variety of clothing sizes. You can choose the size that feels best to you. We are inclusive and welcoming to all, and we will keep it that way. Ripple Junction puts fans first! After all, where would fandoms be without their ride or die? Our apparel is diverse and offered in a multitude of tops, bottoms, costumes, and outfits. Our graphic T-shirts and ensembles can be worn to a variety of places: the gym, athletic events, parties, or just while hanging out. They are so comfy, you can even wear them while sleeping. Geek out and have fun representing your favorite fandoms while also expressing yourself. Our products make great conversation starters, so you might even make a new stan friend or two!

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