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How 'Bob's Burgers' Fully Hit Its Stride in Season Four

Bob’s Burgers has reached its prime. Like Seinfeld and The Simpsons before it, the fourth season can be seen as the moment when Bob’s Burgers really hit its stride, featuring episodes filled with creativity and experimentation that perfected what works about the show while pushing it forward. Fox’s oddball comedy celebrates society’s weirdos and finds humanity at the heart of every laugh, making it one of the most original, awkward, and heartwarming shows on TV. Creator Loren Bouchard has built a safe space for comedians and animators to indulge in their own quirks, which continues to pay off. Episode after episode, Bob’s Burgers reveals itself to be about more than some slob slinging grease sandwiches and crafting puns for his 'Burger of the Day' board; it’s about the people he cooks for and the family he loves.

“Awww, that’s so nice.”


Flappy Bird To Return In August As Multiplayer Game

Flappy Bird

To those who dare not speak the name Flappy Bird for fear of rousing spectres of smartphone addiction and compulsory thumb twitches, look away now.

Because the mobile gaming phenomenon -- gone from mobile app stores since February 9 -- is on its way back, and this time with multiplayer.

Creator Dong Nguyen, the one-man team behind Vietnamese game developer DotGears Studios, told CNBC on Wednesday that the game will be making a return, potentially this August, in an updated version in which players will be able to compete with others in real time to flap the infamous haunter of our collective score-obsessed dreams.


'Big Bang Theory': Force is with Bob Newhart 

Bob Newhart on 'Big Bang Theory'

This week's "Big Bang Theory" qualifies as one of those can't-miss episodes that come along every season.  The CBS comedy brings back Professor Proton (Bob Newhart in his Emmy-winning role), but uses him in unexpected and poignant ways.  Sheldon (Jim Parsons) and the gang are preparing for Star Wars Day, but real life intrudes. The characters react in surprising and touching ways.   The studio audience reacts audibly in understandable ways; this would be an intrusion in most other series, but not here.  The joke topics include Florida, marriage proposals, Doctor Who, doctors, "Star Wars" lore and the quality of the "Star Wars" movies. Newhart delivers some of the best lines with deadpan brilliance.

Attack On Titan Coming To Cartoon Network's Toonami Block

Adult Swim, the cable and satellite network paired with Cartoon Network, announced today that it will begin airing Attack on Titan during the popular anime programming block known as Toonami.  The series is scheduled to begin airing on Saturday, May 3rd at 11:30 pm ET.

 Attack on Titian joins other FUNimation Entertainment® series Space Dandy, One Piece, Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood and Black Lagoon currently airing on the network.




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