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Attack on Titan has steadily become one of the most beloved anime of all time. Its unique dystopian zombie genre and beloved characters have earned the show a dedicated following. For fans of the anime/manga, Ripple Junction carries the best selection of Attack on Titan shirts so you can show off your favorite story. Not only do we carry Attack on Titan shirts with your favorite titan characters like the Founding Titan, The Armored Titan, The Attack Titan, the Female Titan, and the Jaw Titan, but we also carry Attack on Titan hoodies, Attack on Titan beanies, and other Attack on Titan merch. 

Attack on Titan

Scout Regiment ShieldScout Regiment Shield

Scout Regiment

Symbolizing hope for mankind, the Scout Regiment is the smallest of the 3 branches of the military but has the mightiest of soldiers. They are best recognized by their AOT scout symbol, referred to as the Wings of Freedom. They proudly display this symbol on their uniforms, which we feature on several of our Attack on Titan merch. The Scouts are equipped with omni-directional mobility gear and advanced training, they are tasked with exploring and reclaiming once human territory back from Titans. This leads to direct combat with Titans, resulting in the highest death rate of the branches. Formerly led by Erwin Smith, the infamy surrounding the death toll dissuades recruits from joining new Commander Hange Zoë and the Scout Regiment. Unlike the other branches, members are entrenched in the cause for humanity and value truth and trust rather than status and selfishness. Erwin had this vision for the Scouts, which is why Levi, known as humanity’s strongest soldier, greatly respected him. Eren Jaeger joins the Scout Regiment and his protection becomes paramount as he is the current holder of the Attack Titan and Founding Titan. Shop our selection of Attack on Titan merchandise for unique products featuring the AOT scouts logo.

Garrison Regiment

The Garrison Regiment is assigned with protecting and maintaining order within the Walls. Patrolling, repairing, and manning the walls and Titan defenses, like their long-range cannons, fall under their jurisdiction. They are also charged with civilian evacuation and emergency planning for scenarios in which the Walls are breached by Titans. Due to the limited entry of the Military Police and fatality rate of the Scout Regiment, the Garrison Regiment is the largest of the 3 branches. Before the fall of Wall Maria due to a Titan attack, the quality of the troops was divided, lazy, and unreliable. All of that changed after Wall Maria fell as former Unit Captain Hannes and the Garrison Regiment became innovative, tactical, and disciplined. This change propelled them to humanity's first ever victory against the Titans as they led the mission to seal the gate and recapture Trost under Commander Dot Pixis’s leadership.

Garrison Regiment ShieldGarrison Regiment Shield

Military Police Regiment ShieldMilitary Police Regiment Shield

Military Police Regiment

The primary police force within the human territory, the Military Police Regiment is the most prestigious of the military branches. Once led by Kenny Ackermann and now commanded by Nile Dawk, they maintain order within the inner Wall and serve as the King’s Guard. Due to the rigorous standards, only the top ten cadets can apply for the Military Police. It is the most corrupt branch who constantly abuses their powers by exploiting resources from civilians and are at odds with the Garrison and Scout Regiments. The Military Police do not engage with Titans as they are in the safety of the inner Wall, part of the allure of the joining their ranks. Their corruption is well-known and allows the infiltration of Annie Leonhart into their ranks with her plans to capture Eren. Despite the incompetence and corruption, most trainees still dream of joining as they will be able to live safely within Wall Sina and avoid combat with Titans.


Titans are a race of giant humanoids who resemble humans but are much larger and have deformities ranging from lack of skin to abnormalities in body proportions. They can regenerate severed body parts within minutes and can only be killed by slicing out the nape of the back of the neck. Titans have only one purpose, to find and eat humans. Most Titans are classified as Pure Titans, which are mindless, unintelligent, and easily deceived. Some demonstrate intelligence and mindful behavior; these are considered Abnormal Titans. Then there are the Nine Titans, ancient powers passed down that allow the inheritors to transform into Titans. Since the Nine Titans retain their human intelligence, they are much more advanced than other Titans. They include the Founding, Attack, Armored, Colossal, Female, Beast, Jaw, Cart, and War Hammer Titans and all possess unique abilities.

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